Follow Up – The Home Of Love

HUGE THANKS  TO ALL who contributed  and donated to The Home of Love.  Your generosity resulted in positively impacting the lives of so many women and children!

For the past few months we have been sponsoring an organization that is really close to our hearts, Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries’ Home of Love – a special sanctuary for women and children who are victims of sex-slavery, trafficking, and prostitution.

This January, we had the most epic experience visiting the group and meeting these amazing women and children who have completely turned their lives around.  They are a true testimony of what it means to live a meaningful life regardless of the circumstances.

I can honestly say that we visited at the perfect time.  They had a formal graduation for the women that completed a 5 year program.  Added to that were games, performances, and distribution of food baskets for the members of their educational assistance program, which is another effort that sponsors needy children to promote education and take a proactive approach to human trafficking.

Once being rescued by the nuns, who go undercover to bars and clubs, the women find their safe haven at the Home of Love and start their new lives anew.  They re-learn regular living habits and social interaction.

They also go through basic education (math, reading, writing language, arts, sports etc), and take classes in life and faith formation.

I was surprised that day by having the honor to present the graduates with their awards and certificates.  As their names were called out the emcee gave a brief description of the graduate, and I heard the stories of how some of these women are single moms, some were very young, and most of them struggled with lack of dignity and self doubt as they went through the program.




Here is a photo of all the graduates and award recipients along with their children

Several of the women gave truly moving and emotional speeches that gave me a renewed faith in humanity in that there is still good in this world.  I really commend these ladies for really pushing through uncertainties, self doubts, challenges, and real struggles (when I say “struggles” I mean beaten, drugged, abused, and raped).  And let’s not forget, that as a result of their circumstances  some of these women have gotten pregnant and become single moms.

They could have used any excuse not to complete the program, but they didn’t.  They persevered, built faith, and tasted the sweetness of accomplishment.

My favorite part of our day was interacting with the women and children… our boys were able to play with the kids and give out food and treats, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!!



Another magical moment was when the women got up and sang “Go The Distance.” Many of them got teary eyed and you could just feel the hurt they have been through but you can also feel the conviction in their victory.

Again, a MASSIVE THANK YOU for all who contributed an donated to the Home of Love!! You can still donate by clicking HERE

Now that I’m teary eyed by reminiscing about our visit and all of the love and gratitude I feel right know…. I’ll leave you with the lyrics of:

“Go The Distance”

I have often dreamed of a far off place
Where a hero’s welcome would be waiting for me
Where the crowds would cheer, when they see my face
And a voice keeps saying this is where I’m meant to be

I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance
I will find my way if I can be strong
I know every mile would be worth my while
When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong

Down an unknown road to embrace my fate
Though that road may wander, it will lead me to you
And a thousand years would be worth the wait
It might take a lifetime but somehow I’ll see it through

And I won’t look back, I can go the distance
And I’ll stay on track, no I won’t accept defeat
It’s an uphill slope
But I won’t loose hope, ’till I go the distance
And my journey is complete, oh yeah

But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
For a hero’s strength is measured by his heart, oh

Like a shooting star, I will go the distance
I will search the world, I will face its harms
I don’t care how far, I can go the distance
‘Till I find my hero’s welcome waiting in your arms

I will search the world, I will face its harms
‘Till I find my hero’s welcome waiting in your arms

Love To You All,

The Limitless Family





Seitan Limania/Stefanou Beach

Shhhhhhhh …

So, I really debated whether or not I should share this beach.. it’s definitely one of the many SECRET beaches in the island of Crete in Greece and the locals want to keep it that way…

But I trust you all will keep it a secret! And if you go late May or late August (just before peak season hits or just as peak season is dying down… hardly anyone will ever know!) The beach wasn’t too crowded when we went, and towards the end of the day the numbers dwindled down.

Plus, I must WARN you that it is an adventure in itself to get to this beach! Some reviews have said, “This is NOT the place for for the common traveler”

We stayed in Chania.. and from Chania to Seitan Limania is about 40 Minutes


Towards the end of the drive the map starts to look like this:


Don’t worry, its a beautiful drive through some mountains and you’ll pass plenty of goats so the kids will get a kick out them! We played a game to see who could spot the most goats and the kids even found some of the goats on the vertical sides of the mountain!

And if you come across a wire gate as you descend towards the beach, you may open the gate to get through, but be sure to close the gate behind you … for the sake of the goats

But when you get to the parking lot this is what you see..


If you are facing the beach, the trail head to the beach is on the right, its about a 200 meter hike to beach

I thought the trail head was somewhere different and that led us to a very dangerous path.. so be sure you get on the trail!

I’ve seen some people in flip flops going up and down the trail, but I would recommend getting everyone in athletic shoes.

If you have any toddlers 2.5 years and younger I suggest wearing the baby with a carrier if possible. We did not have a carrier so Daniel manually carried our toddler. He made it look like a piece of cake.

This is the start  …


Here we are at the halfway point:



I can’t get enough of Greece’s azure blue waters.. very very very addicting!

Almost to the beach…


And we made it!!!!


The shore line was perfect for the little ones. The waster was crystal clear, perfect for snorkeling and swimming.. and lots of cliffs to jump from!!

We spent the whole afternoon here!




At every beach we visited in Greece the kids made rock formations to leave their mark

Here is Daniel jumping off one of the cliffs

And just one of me swimming around

After full afternoon at the beach, it’s time to say goodbye… be sure to leave before the sun starts to go down…

Here is the ascend up the trail:




Here’s a rundown of my tips and hacks for visiting this beach:

  • Wear athletic shoes but bring aqua shoes if you want to cliff jump
  • Bring food and beverages down in the beach there isn’t a place to buy food or water
  • Take your time going down the trail
  • My boys were 6, 4,2 at the time. The 6 and 4 year old naturally love to climb so they did wonderful – I’d suggest building a toddler carrier for anyone 2 and under. So just use your good judgement you’d like to take your littles here.  However I did see a 3 year old little girl dominate the hike with flip flops on.
  • Camera or cell phone with lots of memory and battery
  • Go either in mid to late May just before the peak hits or late August as the peak starts to die down
  • Be sure the check wind speed before you go, luckily the waters were calm when we visited, but I have heard that the waves could get dangerous when its windy

Please contact me if you need more insights on Seitan Limania/Stefanou Beach

Love to you all,

The Limitless Family

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Elafonissi Beach


Geeezzz… I don’t even know where to start with Elafonissi Beach.

I guess I’ll start with the basics, we stayed in the island of Crete in Greece in the city of Chania. From Chania to Elafonissi was about 1.5 hours —>Totally worth it


I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes …


Seriously, it was like I had jumped into my screen saver


The boys loved it!!

We found some rocks with tide pools with fish.. this kept them busy for hours!!



The weather was warm and water was a little chilly, but we still played in the water.

And this is one of the few beaches in the world with PINK SAND!

The beach offered a bar and plenty of water sports – wind surfing, jet ski’s, parasailing & snorkeling.

I couldn’t believe how sexy, stunning, & breathtaking this beach is! I highly recommend this experience!


  • Be sure to bring enough food and water for you and your family
  • Bring cash if you want to do any of the water activities
  • Bring lots of Sunscreen
  • Be sure you phone or camera device is charged or extra portable battery charger
  • Depending on where you are staying be sure to leave well before sunset to avoid getting lost driving in the evening

Love to you all!!

The Limitless Family

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Human Trafficking Sanctuary

Over 2 Million women and children world-wide are victims of human trafficking & sex slavery.

Over 200,000 of these victims are in the Philippines alone, which ranks 4th in countries affected by trafficking.

They range in age from 15-20, but some are as young as 8 years old. Even infants as early as 9 months-old are taken from their families and sold into sex slavery.

They are forced into 5 to 10 sexual encounters nightly (at a wage of 100 pesos or \$2 for each encounter). These girls often get pregnant and their children too are brought into the sex slavery business. Most are drugged by their owners to endure the horror and are also hooked on narcotics. Many want to escape but have no where else to go….

In Cebu Philippines, a group of nuns have dedicated their lives to stop this vicious cycle. They go under cover in the night to rescue women who want to escape and take them to their sanctuary they have created called The Home Of Love – a safe haven of unlimited help and love.


The organization provides shelter, food, education, health care, counseling, job skills and spiritual growth to the women and children whose lives are forever changed by these circumstances. (check out their website

But they are in need of help to continue their mission…

In January 2017, our family will be volunteering at The Home Of Love, and need your help to arrive with gifts that will massively help the women and children.

You can make a direct impact to rescue and rehabilitate victims through your donations and/or the following supplies:

-microfiber bed sheets -school supplies -underwear (women, boys & girls) -socks (women, boys & girls)

All monetary donations will be used either to purchase supplies or gifted to The Home of Love to be spent on other needs


Much love and gratitude to you all!


The Limitless Family

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2 Tickets To Unleash The Power Within With Tony Robbins GIVEAWAY


When my dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2008, I was completely crushed and had a an extremely difficult time dealing with his death.  I had so many questions and wasn’t getting any answers.

And I do believe that God puts the right tools, people and resources in our paths for a Divine reason.

One day I as cleaning out my dad’s library and I found a Tony Robbins book. And since then, we have been reading his books and listening to his programs and CD’s.  We have always wanted to attend one of his events, but for some reason our schedules and finances were never matched up to attend his events.


Finally, this past June 2016 we were able to attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event.

A 3.5 day, 50 hour, experience that changed not only my life.. but also the LEGACY that I leave behind!!

During the event we learn the best version of YOU in personal development, spiritual development, relationship growth, emotional growth, business, career, health and wellness…

… and my absolute favorite part of the event…. we learned how to walk on FIRE and live to share my story!


We are giving away 2 VIP Tickets to Tony Robbins valid for the next 2 years. The next event is in San Jose November 10-13 2016

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Be Limitless


Joan – Mrs Limitless



Agnadi Villa

Before we adventured to Santorini, I was online for HOURS and HOURS looking for the best place to stay in Santorini.

If you are planning  on going to Santorini with kids, I hope that this article will save you SO MUCH TIME and money.

After about 1 hour of researching, out of all the cute little towns in Santorini, I narrowed our desired city to Oia.  (Mainly because all the reviews about the killer sunsets).

Then I spent MORE time looking for a place to stay… and then I found this GEM

Agnadi Villa was about a 5 minute drive from Oia’s city center, affordable price, quiet, pool, spacious villas, incredible views!!



P.S. Here are more photos!

P.P.S. To see my other article on Santorini CLICK HERE


When a fire burned our house…

Today marks the day that changed our lives forever. 5 years ago our family personally experienced something that’s normally only heard about in the news.

It started off as a normal day as I got up early, kissed my sleeping wife and son, fed the dogs, and rode my motorcycle to the office.  In 2011 we were living in a small country TX town, and I worked about 1 hour away from our house, so it was faster to take my Harley to work.  After finishing the day I rode through the traffic, excited to get home and see my family.  As I entered the neighborhood I saw a dark cloud of smoke rising in the air, and saw our neighbors on their front lawns.  In the distance, down the street we lived on were several fire trucks and fire-fighters all over.
As I got closer I realized they were at my house.
Hastily scanning the scene, I saw my wife’s car was in the driveway, but she was nowhere to be found.  I quickly jumped off my bike not even stopping to shut it off and sprinted to the house and screamed at the first firefighter I saw, “What happened, where’s my wife and son?!”  They wouldn’t tell me anything but kept telling me that I have to speak with the Fire Marshall first.  A million thoughts were going through my mind and the voice inside my head was saying, “This can’t be real,” but I couldn’t talk myself out of reality.  I started to think the worst.  Those few minutes seemed like an eternity, but in an instant I saw my wife running toward me as tears ran down her face.  I ran to her and hugged her tight as I asked where our son was.  She continued to cry and whispered, “he’s fine…. but the dogs died.”
It was a bizarre mix of emotions going through me: I felt shocked that this was really happening to us, relieved that my pregnant wife and son were still alive, distraught that Moby and Radar (our Labrador Retriever and Jack Russell Terrier) died in a fire, but thankful to be alive and have my wife and son.  At that moment in time, I was very sad but also very blessed.  I realized just how precious life is.  And that all the “stuff”, the material things I felt I owned, didn’t matter one bit compared to the family and friends around me.
You may have experienced this type of significant event in the timeline of life.  Where at first glance, it seems like our world is being taken away.  One would ask him or herself, “why would this happen to me?”  But a mentor of mine told me that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the questions we ask.  I could ask myself “why” all day long, but my brain would come up with all kinds of answers that would throw me in a loop.  Instead some better questions to ask were, “What am I gaining from all of this?  What can I learn and take away from this?  What about this situation will make me a stronger and better man?”

For the first time in my life, I had nothing but the clothes on my back, but I had EVERYTHING important to me with the people I care most about about right next to me.  And my motorcycle, that was actually still nice to have :).  The days and months that followed were not easy as we didn’t have a home to go back to, our bed that we were used to sleeping in, or any of the things we had the luxury of using in an instant.  Our son would ask us when we could go home, but we had to tell him the truth about how our home burned.  I didn’t have it in me to tell him the dogs died in the fire, so when he asked about them I told him they were now living on a farm.

But we learned about resilience, strength, getting back on our feet, and that people do care.   Our neighbors, family, and friends were there for immediate support.  We were so thankful to the people who gave us the little things that made a HUGE difference.  To have a toothbrush, a shower, toys for my son to play with, and a change of clothes meant the world to us, and the people that made this happen were so great.  I will remember those generous souls forever.

It’s crazy to think about that this only happened five years ago – so much has happened since that day.  Our 2nd son was born healthy the following year, and we had a 3rd boy a couple years after that.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  EVERYONE has a story.  Often times, we don’t really know what others have gone through, so we can’t really understand why someone does what he/she does or why a person is a certain way.  I hope that this event in our family timeline helps you understand a little part of us, and we would love to know your story as well.
Please comment and/or share our blog – it would mean the world to us!  I’m grateful just to be alive, to have the chance to connect with you, and to have another day to wake up and do something.  Take care and make it a great day everyone!
Moby & Radar
Radar & Luke
Moby & Luke

How would you like to Travel the World for FREE?


What’s up you sexy beasts out there!

If you’re reading this I’m willing to bet you have a voracious appetite to suck the juice out of life.

My name is Daniel (Joan’s husband), and I have a passion for experiencing adventure all over the world.  Since 2015, me and my family of five have been traveling using a strategy that has enabled us to explore foreign and domestic destinations for FRACTIONS of what it used to cost us before we learned a priceless life-hack.  It’s actually not 100% free, but there’s very little cost associated to the abundance of travel we’ve been doing.

We’ve recently trekked all over Colorado, Arizona, Orlando, California, Greece (the country, not the city), the Philippines, and Taiwan using a simple system, and we have many more global trips on our itinerary using this method.

If you’re interested in globe trotting for minimal expense, I’ll show you how to do the same.  Forget about having to save and cramp your day-to-day living to slowly stash your holiday funds away for next year’s vacation.  You can keep your day job, but you can upgrade your life by increasing the quantity and quality of your well-deserved time off (cue Beyonce’s Upgrade song).

For example, one expedition took our family (kids included) to an unforgettable excursion to Greece. 


We booked round trip flights that only cost us $143.00 (no commas in that price) per person, where a regular economy plane ticket would have cost over TEN times that amount; and we even went there during the “high” season, which is significantly more expensive.  Since we had extra funds available we were able to wander the gorgeous island of Santorini (which I highly recommend to see during your lifetime), experience the historical sights of Athens, and sail the stunning blue waters of Crete. 


And we could even splurge on some extra side trips, finer spirits, quality meats, and even nicer accomodations.  Needless to say it was a phenomenal treat to live in Greece for a short while.  Doing this with the entire family was possible through the know-how of using airlines & hotel rewards programs, credit card hacks, and being open to a little adventure.

There’s basically only two main parts to it: Earning Points and Using Points, but here’s a breakdown of this travel-hack in 7 simple steps:
1) Sign up for the Chase Sapphire PREFERRED Credit Card®  (which will get you 50,000 bonus points at the time I’m writing this)
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4) Transfer your points to an airline of choice in the Chase Rewards Program.  Southwest, United, Virgin, Korean, Singapore, and British transfer directly at a 1:1 ratio.  Use any extra points at a Hotel of choice to book accommodations.  Marriott, Hyatt Gold Passport, IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group), Ritz-Carlton Rewards are the hotel programs you can transfer points directly 1:1.
5) Have the time of your life at minimal cost.  This is what an investor calls asymmetric risk reward (In other words, huge upside with little to no downside).
 6) If you’re an over-achiever and really want to be even sexier, then you can also sign up for the Chase Freedom® card HERE.
Hitting the minimum spend of $500 with the Freedom card within the first three months of card activation will get you a bonus of $150 cash back (or 15,000 points).  Plus adding an authorized user will score you 2,500 bonus points at no additional cost.
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If you’re not into traveling, you can actually use the points for other things like statement credits, gift cards, or merchandise, but you get the most value when redeeming points to an airline or hotel.  If you’re new to using credit cards and don’t have a seasoned credit record, then you can still start with Chase Freedom® card as it’s good for those who are building their credit.  There are other cards that are good for people that are rebuilding their credit too – comment or message me if you want to know more.  It’s beneficial to use credit wisely and to know your own credit score and record.  At this link you can get a free annual credit report.
So after discovering this strategy, it’s really improved our passion for globe-trotting and I hope you gain benefits from our blog.
ANYONE can do this and just like everything else in life, it gets even easier as you do it.  If you like what you’re reading, please leave us a comment and share our blog posts!  Besides actually traveling, I love talking about it too, so please let us know about your goals, experiences, and questions!  And you can further support our site by using the links on our site sign up for these great credit card deals that will help you upgrade your travel for nearly for FREE!  Your support by using our links is greatly appreciated as it helps us continue our lives of adventure and furthers our ability to share the value and benefits that we discover along the way!
Happy (FREE) Traveling,
The Limitless Family
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“Santorini IS NOT a Place For Kids”

I just want to set the record straight..

If you ever read in a blog/forum or someone say, “Santorini is not a place for kids.”


While on the island of Crete in Greece we decided to take a side trip to Santorini, I really wasn’t too concerned about the kids at first because they usually adapt well in any situation..

But after I started researching on places to stay I came across some blogs and forums with people warning others NOT to bring children, mainly because of all the steep steps, which I can kind of understand, but still appalled at the discouragement of bringing the kids.

Finally, I had the opportunity to visit a famous island that you only see in the movies.. and now I was having second thoughts of even taking the kid and skipping out on the whole idea?!?!?

Fortunately, (with the power of the the internet) I came across a handful of bloggers that also traveled to Santorini with kids and had the time of their lives!

Here are a few keys that really helped Santorini enjoyable for the whole family:

How to get there: From Crete we took a high speed ferry (about 2 hours) to Santorini

SIDE NOTE my boys are ages 6, 4, and 2 at the time of this adventure —- The kids LOVED the ferry ride!


When to go: We went at the end of May, it was just starting to get warm and it was just before peak tourist time so it wasn’t too crowded 

Best Transportation For Families Visiting Santorini: (I really wanted to rent a quad/ATV… they look awesome and fun) However a Rental Car is the best and safest way to get around the island with the family in tow.


Where to Stay: The 2 main cities are Thira (Fira) and Oia (ia), both places have amazing views of the Caldera.  We chose to stay in Oia, in a small villa about a 5 minute drive from Oia’s main city center. I really liked how we were away from the main city but close enough to conveniently drive there.  The accommodations on the outskirts of the city are usually more quiet, more affordable, and you get a little more wiggle room for you the family. A villa with a pool isn’t too shabby either. I highly recommend Agnadi Villa


What to do: Get lost in the sidewalks of Thira and Oia – there was always something fascinating to see (the shops, the ice cream, the views), and they really enjoyed climbing the steps and discovering new pathways.




The boys loved this open space in Oia and enjoyed climbing the trees.


Drive along the countryside and check out some of the beaches.

We drove away from the busy cities along the caldera and found this gem!! Awesome views AND they had a playground!!


There is SO much to do here with the kids and they loved it.

It’s music to my ears when they say, “remember that one time in Santorini”

So if you ever have the opportunity to visit Santorini, and have the kids with you..

My suggestion is … GO!!!DSC_0188


The Limitless Momma – Joan    

P.S. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about traveling to Santorini with young kids

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Are You STUCK?

Well,l are you?
are you feeling stuck? 
Stuck in a destructive relationship?
Stuck making less money than you deserve?
Stuck being in the same unfulfilled habits?
Life can sometimes feel like a stick 
that is stuck in the mud — immovable and hopeless. 
Do you ever get that stagnant feeling that nothing is changing? 
Nothing is evolving? 
It’s enough to create a depressive state in almost anyone.

But, feeling stuck and having progress 

are not interdependent. 
You can only have one at any given moment. 
The moment the feeling of progress stops we feel stuck
 — and miserable — 
because ultimately, progress is the key to happiness.

I’ve learned from a mentor, Tony Robbins

that there are three reasons why we get 
stuck in the first place, and sometimes it’s a combination of the three.


Bad physiology reinforces negative feelings. 

As Tony says, “Motion creates emotion.” 
Changing your physiology means changing your 
mental state and breaking your negative patterns. 
Great physiology therefore leads to great emotions,
and that is one of the keys to getting unstuck. 
Foster a positive mental state and get unstuck 
by changing your physiology!


One reason we feel stuck is because 

we’re focusing too much on the past 
— or too much on the future. 
But thinking incessantly about the future or the 
past won’t change anything. 
We only really have the power to change 
the present moment, so that’s where our 
attention should be. 
Wishful thinking about what could have been 
or what should be has never worked for anyone.


Why do some people achieve breakthroughs 

that take them to the next level, while others do not?
 What is the difference between a master and a 
dabbler, a doer versus a talker? 
The former group are determined to dig 
deep to find the answers they need to overcome their plateau.

1. Satiation — You’ve had enough. 

Enough of your financial problems, 
enough of your uninspiring career, 
enough of that extra 20 pounds you’ve been carrying around.

2. Dissatisfaction — Whatever you’re doing doesn’t 

work for you anymore. Maybe it’s not profitable, 
and maybe it’s not fun. 
Maybe you’re tired of not having the energy you 
know you need to accomplish your desired result. 
Your current approach might have 
been successful in the past, 
but it hasn’t adapted to your current conditions.

3. Threshold — Change becomes a “must.” 

If you’re facing bankruptcy, for example, 
or if you’re having a serious health challenge.

4. Insight — You get an insight, or deep 

understanding of something, and that creates an opening.

5. Opening — A door opens…and you step through right through it.

I hope that help you guys!!
Be limitless