Seitan Limania/Stefanou Beach

Shhhhhhhh …

So, I really debated whether or not I should share this beach.. it’s definitely one of the many SECRET beaches in the island of Crete in Greece and the locals want to keep it that way…

But I trust you all will keep it a secret! And if you go late May or late August (just before peak season hits or just as peak season is dying down… hardly anyone will ever know!) The beach wasn’t too crowded when we went, and towards the end of the day the numbers dwindled down.

Plus, I must WARN you that it is an adventure in itself to get to this beach! Some reviews have said, “This is NOT the place for for the common traveler”

We stayed in Chania.. and from Chania to Seitan Limania is about 40 Minutes


Towards the end of the drive the map starts to look like this:


Don’t worry, its a beautiful drive through some mountains and you’ll pass plenty of goats so the kids will get a kick out them! We played a game to see who could spot the most goats and the kids even found some of the goats on the vertical sides of the mountain!

And if you come across a wire gate as you descend towards the beach, you may open the gate to get through, but be sure to close the gate behind you … for the sake of the goats

But when you get to the parking lot this is what you see..


If you are facing the beach, the trail head to the beach is on the right, its about a 200 meter hike to beach

I thought the trail head was somewhere different and that led us to a very dangerous path.. so be sure you get on the trail!

I’ve seen some people in flip flops going up and down the trail, but I would recommend getting everyone in athletic shoes.

If you have any toddlers 2.5 years and younger I suggest wearing the baby with a carrier if possible. We did not have a carrier so Daniel manually carried our toddler. He made it look like a piece of cake.

This is the start  …


Here we are at the halfway point:



I can’t get enough of Greece’s azure blue waters.. very very very addicting!

Almost to the beach…


And we made it!!!!


The shore line was perfect for the little ones. The waster was crystal clear, perfect for snorkeling and swimming.. and lots of cliffs to jump from!!

We spent the whole afternoon here!




At every beach we visited in Greece the kids made rock formations to leave their mark

Here is Daniel jumping off one of the cliffs

And just one of me swimming around

After full afternoon at the beach, it’s time to say goodbye… be sure to leave before the sun starts to go down…

Here is the ascend up the trail:




Here’s a rundown of my tips and hacks for visiting this beach:

  • Wear athletic shoes but bring aqua shoes if you want to cliff jump
  • Bring food and beverages down in the beach there isn’t a place to buy food or water
  • Take your time going down the trail
  • My boys were 6, 4,2 at the time. The 6 and 4 year old naturally love to climb so they did wonderful – I’d suggest building a toddler carrier for anyone 2 and under. So just use your good judgement you’d like to take your littles here.  However I did see a 3 year old little girl dominate the hike with flip flops on.
  • Camera or cell phone with lots of memory and battery
  • Go either in mid to late May just before the peak hits or late August as the peak starts to die down
  • Be sure the check wind speed before you go, luckily the waters were calm when we visited, but I have heard that the waves could get dangerous when its windy

Please contact me if you need more insights on Seitan Limania/Stefanou Beach

Love to you all,

The Limitless Family

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