Elafonissi Beach


Geeezzz… I don’t even know where to start with Elafonissi Beach.

I guess I’ll start with the basics, we stayed in the island of Crete in Greece in the city of Chania. From Chania to Elafonissi was about 1.5 hours —>Totally worth it


I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes …


Seriously, it was like I had jumped into my screen saver


The boys loved it!!

We found some rocks with tide pools with fish.. this kept them busy for hours!!



The weather was warm and water was a little chilly, but we still played in the water.

And this is one of the few beaches in the world with PINK SAND!

The beach offered a bar and plenty of water sports – wind surfing, jet ski’s, parasailing & snorkeling.

I couldn’t believe how sexy, stunning, & breathtaking this beach is! I highly recommend this experience!


  • Be sure to bring enough food and water for you and your family
  • Bring cash if you want to do any of the water activities
  • Bring lots of Sunscreen
  • Be sure you phone or camera device is charged or extra portable battery charger
  • Depending on where you are staying be sure to leave well before sunset to avoid getting lost driving in the evening

Love to you all!!

The Limitless Family

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