Human Trafficking Sanctuary

Over 2 Million women and children world-wide are victims of human trafficking & sex slavery.

Over 200,000 of these victims are in the Philippines alone, which ranks 4th in countries affected by trafficking.

They range in age from 15-20, but some are as young as 8 years old. Even infants as early as 9 months-old are taken from their families and sold into sex slavery.

They are forced into 5 to 10 sexual encounters nightly (at a wage of 100 pesos or \$2 for each encounter). These girls often get pregnant and their children too are brought into the sex slavery business. Most are drugged by their owners to endure the horror and are also hooked on narcotics. Many want to escape but have no where else to go….

In Cebu Philippines, a group of nuns have dedicated their lives to stop this vicious cycle. They go under cover in the night to rescue women who want to escape and take them to their sanctuary they have created called The Home Of Love – a safe haven of unlimited help and love.


The organization provides shelter, food, education, health care, counseling, job skills and spiritual growth to the women and children whose lives are forever changed by these circumstances. (check out their website

But they are in need of help to continue their mission…

In January 2017, our family will be volunteering at The Home Of Love, and need your help to arrive with gifts that will massively help the women and children.

You can make a direct impact to rescue and rehabilitate victims through your donations and/or the following supplies:

-microfiber bed sheets -school supplies -underwear (women, boys & girls) -socks (women, boys & girls)

All monetary donations will be used either to purchase supplies or gifted to The Home of Love to be spent on other needs


Much love and gratitude to you all!


The Limitless Family

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