How would you like to Travel the World for FREE?


What’s up you sexy beasts out there!

If you’re reading this I’m willing to bet you have a voracious appetite to suck the juice out of life.

My name is Daniel (Joan’s husband), and I have a passion for experiencing adventure all over the world.  Since 2015, me and my family of five have been traveling using a strategy that has enabled us to explore foreign and domestic destinations for FRACTIONS of what it used to cost us before we learned a priceless life-hack.  It’s actually not 100% free, but there’s very little cost associated to the abundance of travel we’ve been doing.

We’ve recently trekked all over Colorado, Arizona, Orlando, California, Greece (the country, not the city), the Philippines, and Taiwan using a simple system, and we have many more global trips on our itinerary using this method.

If you’re interested in globe trotting for minimal expense, I’ll show you how to do the same.  Forget about having to save and cramp your day-to-day living to slowly stash your holiday funds away for next year’s vacation.  You can keep your day job, but you can upgrade your life by increasing the quantity and quality of your well-deserved time off (cue Beyonce’s Upgrade song).

For example, one expedition took our family (kids included) to an unforgettable excursion to Greece. 


We booked round trip flights that only cost us $143.00 (no commas in that price) per person, where a regular economy plane ticket would have cost over TEN times that amount; and we even went there during the “high” season, which is significantly more expensive.  Since we had extra funds available we were able to wander the gorgeous island of Santorini (which I highly recommend to see during your lifetime), experience the historical sights of Athens, and sail the stunning blue waters of Crete. 


And we could even splurge on some extra side trips, finer spirits, quality meats, and even nicer accomodations.  Needless to say it was a phenomenal treat to live in Greece for a short while.  Doing this with the entire family was possible through the know-how of using airlines & hotel rewards programs, credit card hacks, and being open to a little adventure.

There’s basically only two main parts to it: Earning Points and Using Points, but here’s a breakdown of this travel-hack in 7 simple steps:
1) Sign up for the Chase Sapphire PREFERRED Credit Card®  (which will get you 50,000 bonus points at the time I’m writing this)
2) Add an authorized user to earn 5,000 bonus points (no extra cost for this).
3) Use the credit card for expenses YOU ALREADY PAY FOR (i.e. groceries, dining out, utilities, gas, insurance, cell phone payments, gym memberships, and any other expenses you can charge on your credit card).  I recommend paying off the balances in FULL every statement so you avoid paying interest.  So you’re basically treating all charges as cash transactions – only spend money that you are certain you can repay!  This will get you at least 4,000 rewards points when you hit the minimum spend of $4,000 within three months of activation, but will likely get more points due to the 2x bonus points when using the Chase Sapphire Preferred card for travel or dining out.
4) Transfer your points to an airline of choice in the Chase Rewards Program.  Southwest, United, Virgin, Korean, Singapore, and British transfer directly at a 1:1 ratio.  Use any extra points at a Hotel of choice to book accommodations.  Marriott, Hyatt Gold Passport, IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group), Ritz-Carlton Rewards are the hotel programs you can transfer points directly 1:1.
5) Have the time of your life at minimal cost.  This is what an investor calls asymmetric risk reward (In other words, huge upside with little to no downside).
 6) If you’re an over-achiever and really want to be even sexier, then you can also sign up for the Chase Freedom® card HERE.
Hitting the minimum spend of $500 with the Freedom card within the first three months of card activation will get you a bonus of $150 cash back (or 15,000 points).  Plus adding an authorized user will score you 2,500 bonus points at no additional cost.
7) Use the extra points (like upgrading your flight to a Business Class fare and fly in luxury).
By pairing both cards, you get approximately 80,000 points using the Chase Rewards Program!  To give you an idea of the value of points, you can use 80,000 points to fly BUSINESS CLASS on United Airlines from mainland U.S. to Hawaii on a round-trip business class saver award flight.  And your spouse or significant other can duplicate the efforts for another 80,000 points by signing up for and using the same two Chase cards.
Boom!  (once again cue Beyonce’s Upgrade song) Now you have two business class round trip tickets for two to Hawaii and unlocked thousands of dollars you can use for something else instead of your airfare.

If you’re not into traveling, you can actually use the points for other things like statement credits, gift cards, or merchandise, but you get the most value when redeeming points to an airline or hotel.  If you’re new to using credit cards and don’t have a seasoned credit record, then you can still start with Chase Freedom® card as it’s good for those who are building their credit.  There are other cards that are good for people that are rebuilding their credit too – comment or message me if you want to know more.  It’s beneficial to use credit wisely and to know your own credit score and record.  At this link you can get a free annual credit report.
So after discovering this strategy, it’s really improved our passion for globe-trotting and I hope you gain benefits from our blog.
ANYONE can do this and just like everything else in life, it gets even easier as you do it.  If you like what you’re reading, please leave us a comment and share our blog posts!  Besides actually traveling, I love talking about it too, so please let us know about your goals, experiences, and questions!  And you can further support our site by using the links on our site sign up for these great credit card deals that will help you upgrade your travel for nearly for FREE!  Your support by using our links is greatly appreciated as it helps us continue our lives of adventure and furthers our ability to share the value and benefits that we discover along the way!
Happy (FREE) Traveling,
The Limitless Family
For disclosure, we earn a referral bonus for anyone who is approved for some of the links contained in this article.

14 thoughts on “How would you like to Travel the World for FREE?

    • Awesome, thanks Cassie! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. And it’s that much better when it’s unlimited! Let me know if I can help you in any way.


  1. Im trying to wrap my head around what you’re saying.

    What is the exchange between the amount you spend and the number of bonus points you get?

    Is there a place where I can view the participating hotels and airlines? It seems like $1 equals 100 points but it’s not really clear.

    Nice site BTW


    • Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment! Those are great questions. You may find the answers you’re looking for at this site: Every credit card is different, but the Chase program is typically a 1:1 point transfer, meaning if you spend $1, you get 1 point. But there are bonus categories (2X at restaurants / travel for Chase Sapphire; and 5x points for bonus categories on the Chase Freedom). When you’re ready to sign up for a card please support our site by using our links on our blog – we appreciate it!


  2. Going overseas would be so exciting. Your kids would be having so much fun doing all this. Enjoy all this. Sounds really good.


  3. I think these cards doesn’t fit for European travellers, did I understand ?
    Points can be used on US (and around) flight companies so I couldn’t book them from Italy! Great idea ad well ….. 🙂


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