The Essential

Not sure how else to put it.. and I’m sure many of you can relate..

WE LOVE TO TRAVEL … Like really really really love to travel … it’s like oxygen!  

We got married in Italy in 2006



and honeymooned all over Europe





We loved traveling so much that soon after we got back from our honeymoon, we booked a vacation to Spain.



… annnnndd Hawaii



Then in 2009, we decided to start a family.. and quickly learned that traveling would be a little more complex than what we were used to…

We managed to continue to travel a little, but it was not cheap, and we were always very hesitant. 

By 2013, our family had grown to a party of 5!


Considering airfare for 5, lodging, and food we were convinced that traveling was no where near our distant future.

And we settled to just accept the fact that there wasn’t a solution for our love for traveling while having a family, unless we won the lottery or something.

And there was a time when I would be on Instagram or Facebook and see a cool destination, I would just say to myself “It’s just not in the cards for us” 

or “Someday” (which we all know, someday never comes around)

Then it finally clicked, we finally figured out a way for our family of 5 to travel the WORLD:

  • at a fraction of the price of a family of 5 would normally cost,
  • without having to spend outrageous amounts of money.
  • and sometimes even for FREE!



Well, to save you time and research, whether you are a seasoned traveler, traveling family, or just getting started… THIS IS A MUST HAVE!

This card has resurrected our traveling dreams and continues to reward us! CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS.




P.S. Happy Travels






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