Waikiki? Nope I’ll Stay In This Cottage In Kaneohe Bay, Thanks

I mean if you go to Oahu you can stay in the high rise, busy, touristy, crowded Waikiki if that’s what you are into…

So… we kinda stayed at a bad ass cottage on the secluded shores of Kaneohe Bay in Oahu.

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom – this cottage fit my family of 5 plus my in-laws. We could have definitely fit a few more people in if we needed to.

Having a kitchen was awesome!

Very large living and dining areas.

Amazing views!

My favorite part about this cottage —–PRIVATE BEACH…..HOLLLAAAAA!!!!

I hope you find your way to Kaneohe Bay soon!!

PAX and Love,



P.S. Have you been to Oahu? Comment below if you are a Waikiki kind of person or Non Waikiki.

P.P.S. Huge shout out to my home boy Marco from X Ray Cat Travels for highlighting me on one of his latest blog posts CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT


19 thoughts on “Waikiki? Nope I’ll Stay In This Cottage In Kaneohe Bay, Thanks

  1. Hey Joan,

    I absolutely Loved Oahu on our last visit and may just do a retake after watching your vlog! I love that I not only have time freedom I do have access to awesome travel price guarantees via or Travel Club. Its great to be able to go away with not just immediate family but other members of our family and that’s what we did to Oahu too. Thanks for sharing for sure.


    • Julie!! Yes I totally believe the whole family needs to enjoy the fruits of an amazing business too. Did you visit any of the other islands? Which one is your favorite?


  2. Awesome video Joan and loved the tour of your cottage, very beautiful the ocean and blue sky. And your ‘home office’ is the best part! You are showing how you really can build a business and live life at the same time. Thanks for sharing!


  3. What a beautifully serene place to work! So pleased for you and your family. That beach looks like heaven. Thank you for revealing this amazing location Joan. And just because it needs to be said, you have the most heart warming smile hunny! The love positively shines from you!


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