The Kid Friendly Road To Hana

So, we were in Maui and The Road to Hana was a MUST-DO.. It’s basically the road to take to get to Hana, its famous for the scenic drive on the coast of Maui.  However, it is a winding road with lots of sharp and hairpin turns.  And if you one that gets motion sickness very easily (ahem- ME) it didn’t sound like something I would enjoy.. nor would my kids because they tend to get motion sickness as well.  BUT…. we wanted to do it anyways because everyone said that it’s totally worth it.  Here are a few tips and trick to doing the Road to Hana with kids!

  1.  Start early get there no later than 9:45am, and remember the road is more crowded on the weekend.
  2. Eat a light breakfast.
  3. Plan this out as a day trip.. do not try and make this a half day trip.
  4. Dramamine -helps with both the motion and it will make the kids nap for a good portion of the drive.
  5. The adult who is most prone to motion sickness should drive.
  6. Go as slow as you need to go.. just be sure to pull off to the side if there are a lot of cars behind you.
  7. Do not stop at everyone point (map out the ones you want to stop at).
  8. DO stop at the points where there’s some room for the kids to run around (Mile Marker #13 Kaumahina State Wayside Park,  Mile Marker #34 Hana Town, and Mile Marker #42 Kipahulu, Haleakala National Park)
  9. Watch the time, make sure to leave Hana a few hours before sunset, you do not want to drive in the dark.
  10. Drive the backside of the Haleakala, when exiting Hana – the road isn’t as winding .. it’s a much smoother drive – you’ll see the gorgeous sunset and beautiful countryside.  You’ll also see lots of cows… the kids loved this!
  11. Keep the stops fun and exciting for the kids.  Have them notice all the different trees, plants and bugs.  Let them climb the trees and discover new things!
  12. Allow extra time to spend time at the beaches and parks along the way.
  13. Portable DVD player kept the kids entertained, but I always had to make sure they weren’t getting motion sickness.

BONUS TIP – I was really on the fence about going on the Road to Hana with the kids, but I prayed and kept a positive attitude and everyone had a wonderful time!! ATTITUDE IS KEY!!


Mile Marker #13 Kaumahina State Wayside Park

maui, road to hana, things to do in maui, hana beach, hana beach park

Mile Marker #34 Hana Town



roan to hana, things to do in maui, hana Here we are the last stop in Hana at the Seven Sacred Pools

Also, you are usually able to swim in the Seven Sacred Pools, however if there has been too much rainfall they close the pools because the tides get too strong, so you may want call Kipahulu, Haleakala National Park ahead of time.

It was definitely worth the drive!!

I hope you visit beautiful paradise soon!!

Please comment below if you would like to take an adventure on the Road to Hana… Or if you have been there comment and let me know which part was your favorite!

PAX, and Love,


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16 thoughts on “The Kid Friendly Road To Hana

  1. Awesome video and tips, thanks for sharing !!! I’ve been before and you’re right – it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Keep the tips coming, they’re really helpful for families with kids!


  2. Beautiful area Joan. My husband and I were in Maui many years ago, I will have to show him your tips about the road to Hana. Thank you for sharing your video and the beautiful pictures, enjoy your family!


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